Los Masis is an Andean-Bolivian folkloric musical group. Its name comes from the Quechua word “Masi” which is a symbol of friendship and brotherhood: literally it means your equal, your brother, your countryman. They have been actively sharing  traditional Andean music through participation in cultural events, in the Americas an d Europe for 50 years.  Soon after Los Masis diffusing their music abroad, they created the Masis Cultural Center with the commitment to preserve traditional cultural identity within Bolivia’s younger generations. Supported by the resources obtained during the group musical tours, Los Masis have created four  projects for the children of Sucre: “Un Mañana con Futuro” (Tomorrow with a Future), “Los Juchuy Masis”, “Los Q’arapanzas” and “Indómito”.

Through processes of ethno-musicological research and on-site experiences, Los Masis carries out the preservation of Bolivia’s cultural heritage through the center’s musical programs, work that they spread through out the world in order to bring Bolivia’s diverse music scene back to its roots.


One of he most important values that Los Masis promotes is an ideological framework of ethno-musicological research and dissemination of Bolivian cultural heritage.  This framework has not only remained in a simple yet effective tool, thanks to the social work to which Los Masis has dedicated five decades,  but also uses music as an instrument to create processes of socioeconomic development within Bolivia’s communities.

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