“A Tomorrow with Future”

Project objective

To bring together boys and girls in an overarching way in order to revitalize Andean-Bolivian cultural values through teaching and performing music.

Our work is centered around three important aspects which are:

Educational Assistance:

The central objective is to provide educational help to the boys and girls that attend classes at our cultural center and make up part of our project “Un mañana con futuro”.  This project focuses on identifying, intervening in, and following up on the diverse problems associated with learning and growing up.  We use diagnostics that show us what type of teaching and level of difficulty can help our children overcome these growth problems.

Musical education

The goal of our musical education is the preservation and appreciation of the Andean Bolivian culture by way of, interpreting in musical pairs the ancient instruments of our land.

Educational Workshops

Our educational workshops are focused on Andean Bolivian cultural values, themes of daily life, according to each child’s learning needs.

Los talleres educativos que se imparten son acerca de la cultura y valores andino—bolivianos, temáticas de la vida y la vida, de acuerdo de las necesidades de formación que se precisan.